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In conversation with Vidya Bharati student Mansi Goswami from Uttar Pradesh - Achiever in 10th board examination

In conversation with Vidya Bharati student Mansi Goswami from Uttar Pradesh - Achiever in 10th board examination


Mansi Goswami is a student of Shri Hanuman Prashad Dhanuka S.B.V.M.,Ramanreti Vrindavan Mathura. Recently she passed her 10th board examination with an amazing score of 95.2 percent. She talked about her school, ambitions and dreams via a brief interview with Vidya Bharati alumni portal team which has been given below:


Interviewer: Mansi congratulations on your incredible performance in your 10th board examinations. Obviously you have worked hard, but along with your hard work, who else has helped you to achieve success?

Mansi: Thank you. Yes I have put in a lot of effort, but I could not have achieved my success without the support of my parents and teachers. My teachers have helped be a lot to strengthen my basics and explained the topics in such a manner that I could grasp them easily. 


Interviewer: Mansi what is your ambition in life?

Mansi: Since I was in class 7, I had decided to become a Chartered Accountant and presently focusing on that.  From class 11 we have to choose our streams, so I took up commerce stream which will be my first step towards my dreams. I have always liked numbers and maths, so wanted to take up that as my field of future study. Also my aunt is a CA herself and she inspired me to aim for the same profession. It will not only help me to work in a field that I like, but also I will have someone close to guide me when needed. After completion of my schooling I plan to shift to Delhi for my further studies and keep preparing for CA along with it.


Interviewer: Tell us something about your experience at school so far.

Mansi: Last year as I was giving my 10th examination, and due to all the uncertainties due the present pandemic, it was quite stressful for all of us, but our school and teachers always gave us strength. As for the teachers, at our school, they are very supportive. I have never felt that they are just teaching as a part of their profession. They really take extreme care while teaching us and do it so from their heart. They are always ready to explain a topic hundred times if needed, until we get a good grasp on the topic. I am extremely thankful for their patience and guidance. 


Interviewer: Mansi since you are in class 11 right now, and the schools are closed, are you finding it difficult to study?

Mansi: In the beginning, I was finding it a little difficult, since it was all new to us, but now, not so much as we have adjusted to the present system. We have regular online classes at fixed time and our teachers are always available via WhatsApp or call. All this is new and different but not hard to get adjusted with.


Interviewer: Let’s talk a bit about your hobbies. What do you like to do in your free time?

Mansi: Apart from my studies, I am very passionate about dancing. It helps me to de-stress and be physically active as well. I also like writing and have participated in a few essay competitions as well. I have won prizes also for the same.


Interviewer: What kind of support do you need from the Vidya Bharati alumni community?

Mansi: Although I have my aunt, my parents and teachers to guide me, if any alumni who are working as CA would provide me with career guidance, it will be much appreciated.


Vidya Bharati Purv Chatra Parishad congratulates Mansi for her achievement and wishes her all the best for her future endeavours.  We also extend our congratulations to Mansi’s teachers and parents for supporting her.


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