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Mr. Surya Prakash Sharma, an alumni of Vidya Bharati working at the ICAR- Central Sheep and Wool Research Institute

Mr. Surya Prakash Sharma, an alumni of Vidya Bharati working at the ICAR- Central Sheep and Wool Research Institute


Surya Prakash Sharma from Rajasthan’s Bhilwara District is presently working at ICAR - Central Sheep and wool research Institute, Malpura. In a recent interview, he talked about his job experiences, his family and his school. A brief extract of which has been given below:


Interviewer: Can you please tell us something about your academic and professional background?

Mr. Sharma: I am an alumni of Adarsh Vidya Mandir Secondary School, Kareda , Rajasthan where I studied till class 8 and then joined the local governmental school from where I did my 9th and 10th. After completion of my 12th board examination, I did my B.Tech degree which I passed in 2016.  Then I spent time preparing for government examinations and after clearing them, I got job offers from a few places. Presently I am working as a Lab technician at ICAR - Central Sheep and wool research Institute, Malpura in Animal physiology and Biochemistry Division.

The Institute is an autonomous body and is sponsored by the Department of Agricultural Research and Education (DARE), Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India. The principal objective of the research centre is to enhance the productivity of sheep and rabbit through scientific methods by developing and applying new technologies. The Institute is equipped with research laboratories attending to Animal Genetics, Physiology, Reproduction, Biochemistry, Animal Health, Animal Nutrition and Animal climatic chamber.


Interviewer: If any Vidya Bharati student would like to join the same profession as yours, what suggestions would you like to give them?

Mr. Sharma: There are several ways to join this field. One can either sit for governmental exams like I had done or else they can take up Biotechnology or Biochemistry as a subject of study. 


Interviewer: Can you share some thoughts about your childhood school?

Mr. Sharma: I have only found memories of my school. The teachers were immensely helpful and supportive. They would go out of their scope of work and give students extra classes if needed. They would also sometimes visit the houses of the students and teach them, so that no student fell back in academics. Also the overall culture of the school, like morning prayers, the discipline, and importance given to extracurricular activities led to overall development of the students, physically, mentally, as well as emotionally. Even my two younger brothers and my niece have studied from the same school. Thus my entire family has an emotional connect with the school. Whenever I get time, I make it a point to visit my school and teachers.


Interviewer: Are you associated with any kind of social work?

Mr. Sharma: I am not associated with any particular organisation, but as we have been taught at school, If somebody approaches me for help, try my best to assist them.


Interviewer:  Can you tell us something about your family?

Mr. Sharma: My father has a workshop. Our entire family comes from Bhilwara District of Rajasthan. My family also consists of my mother who is a housewife and two other brothers.


Interviewer:  Would you like to share any message with Vidya Bharati or its students?

Mr. Sharma: Vidya Bharati’s education system is one of the best and there is nothing more I can add or suggest to make it any better. It focuses on development of the student, rather than merely academics. For the students I would only like to advise them to work hard towards their goals. This is the prime time of your life, do not waste your opportunities.


Vidya Bharati thanks Mr. Surya Prakash Sharma for taking out time and sharing his story with the community.

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