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Sri Preeti Lahoti, alumni from Madhya Pradesh and a teacher by profession talks about her experience as Vidya Bharati alumni

Sri Preeti Lahoti, alumni from Madhya Pradesh and a teacher by profession talks about her experience as Vidya Bharati alumni


Sri Preeti Lahoti is an alumni of Saraswati Vidya Mandir, Rewa, Madhya Pradesh and presently working as a teacher. In a recent interview with Vidya Bharati Purv Chatra Parisad she talked about her journey.

Interviewer:  Please share with us details about your academic and professional background. 

Ms. Lahoti - I am a Vidya Bharati alumni and I have studied from ‘Shishu’ to Class 7 in Saraswati Vidya Mandir, Rewa (MP). From class 8 onward I studied in Sudarshan Kumari (S.K.) Higher Secondary School. After completion of my schooling I did my graduation with PCM Group from Girls’ Degree College, Rewa and post graduation in Economics Hons. from T.R.S College. I have also done a M.A. degree in Hindi from APS University, Rewa (MP) and  B.Ed from Chhattisgarh. Presently I am working as a Hindi teacher at National Gems Higher Secondary School, Kolkata (WB).

Interviewer:  What suggestion would you give to any Vidya Bharati student who wants to follow a similar career path?

Ms. Lahoti - From my experience, I would suggest to always keep high determination and moral values for doing any work. As for anyone wanting to become a Hindi teacher, I would like to say that Hindi is a scientific language and in today’s times all over the world, it is making an identity. So making Hindi as a career is a good option and also you are indirectly serving your nation too by both promoting a Indian language, as well as taking up the responsibility to guide the next generation of citizens as a teacher.

Interviewer: Please tell us about your family and where you are located presently? 

Ms. Lahoti - As for my family background,my paternal grandfather was a District Education Officer in M.P. and M.Sc in mathematics. My maternal grandfather was an active member of RSS, Rewa. He had a huge contribution in the foundation of Saraswati Vidya Mandir School in Rewa, MP. My father and mother both had been in the educational field. My father was Headmaster and my mother Headmistress in Government High Secondary School.My brother is an engineer in Bhilai Steel Plant (SAIL) and my sister is M.Sc and B.ed in mathematics. 

I am currently located in Kolkata with my husband and 2 children. My daughter is studying for an MBA and my son is in class 7. My husband is a business person.

Interviewer:  Along with your normal work, what other social services are you associated with? 

Ms. Lahoti- After school, I mainly devote my time with my family but I like to do social service occasionally.

Interviewer: How did your school impact your life? 

Ms. Lahoti - My school has impacted my life very much. The teaching of Sanatan Hindu Dharm and Sanskriti developed strong feelings of patriotism and love for the nation in my heart which I still have.  At school we were always encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities apart from regular academics and I was very active in participating in all the activities that used to be conducted in school like dance, yoga, singing, race etc.


Interviewer: Would you like to give any message to Vidya Bharati students?

Ms. Lahoti -I would like to say that every child should have self-confidence, determination for work and self-respect. Along with that, they should keep high moral values and respect and love for family, friends and nation.

Vidya Bharati Purv Chatra Parishad thanks Sri Preeti Lahoti for shring her journey with the Vidya Bharati community.

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