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In talks with Vidya Bharati student, Sowndharya Baskaran - Board examination achiever and state level athlete

In talks with Vidya Bharati student, Sowndharya Baskaran - Board examination achiever and state level athlete


Sowndharya Baskaran is a vivacious young girl, hailing from Vyasarpadi, Chennai. She is the student of Smt.Narbada Devi J.Agarwal Vivekananda Vidhyalaya and recently passed her class 10th board examinations, scoring an incredible aggregate of 96%. She sat down for a brief interview with Vidya Bharati alumni portal team, whose extract has been given below.


Interviewer: Sowndharya congratulations on your amazing performance. Along with your hard work, who has contributed towards your recent academic success?

Sowndharya: Thank you.  As for my academic success, obviously I owe it to my parents for supporting and guiding me. My teachers have helped me a lot. Whenever I needed their guidance, they would help me out. Even my friends have been very supportive towards me during this time.


Interviewer: What is your aim in life? and what made you choose that career path?

Sowndharya: From a very young age, I have only one aim in life that is to serve my society by practicing medicine and becoming a gynaecologist. Presently I am fully focusing towards it and focusing for NEET Exams along with my regular school work.


Interviewer: Regarding your school, how has been your experience so far? Also apart from academics, are you involved in any other co-curricular activities?

Sowndharya: Alongside academics I am involved with athletics and a state level player. I like dancing as well and participated regularly till my 8th standard. I have been able to do well in all my extracurricular activities due to the support and encouragement of my school. My teachers have always motivated me to participate in different events and competitions and I have been able to win several gold medals for my school. I have participated in ‘Vygan Mela’ organised by Vidya Bharati and in 9th standard, I was able to win a medal at national level as well.


Interviewer:  What will you suggest to students who want to do well in their board examinations?

Sowndharya: From my own experience and what I have learnt from my teachers, there are few things that students need to keep in mind. First of all they should be disciplined and regular in their studies and not just read only before the exams. Secondly all students should be clear about their basics. In our CBSE board, NCERT books are like bibles and if one reads them well, they can score good marks. I will not suggest reading guide books but one can take help of reference books, as there is a lot of difference between the two. I personally study for 6 to 7 hours each day, but more than the time spent studying, the quality of study is more important. Self-study without any distractions each day helps a lot.


Interviewer:  Tell us something about your family background.

Sowndharya: In my family there are four members, including me. My mother is a homemaker, my father runs his own business in transportation and my elder brother is still studying.

Vidya Bharati thanks Sowndharya Baskaran for sharing her experiences with Vidya Bharati community and wishes her all the best for her future endeavours.


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