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Vidya Bharati alumni, Sheetal Sinha - taking his family business to new heights with his modern concepts and lessons learnt at school

Vidya Bharati alumni, Sheetal Sinha - taking his family business to new heights with his modern concepts and lessons learnt at school


Sheetal Sinha who has taken over his family business and breathed fresh air into it, widening its horizon. Through a recent interview he spoke about his experiences and how his school has helped him to make a mark professionally. 


Interviewer:  Please tell us something about your academic background and professional?

Mr. Sinha:  I am an alumni of two Vidya Bharati schools. I completed my 10th from Saraswati Shishu Mandir, Rajim and 11th -12th from Saraswati Shishu Mandir, Nawpara. After schooling I did my graduation from Pt. Ravishankar Shukla University and now presently I am a 3rd semester student of law under the same university.

Along with my studies, I run my own event management business called ‘Sinha Events’, which I had started approximately 4 years ago. I mainly focus on wedding planning and decoration.


Interviewer:   Why have you chosen two streams, law as well as event planning?

Mr. Sinha:  I am studying law mostly out of interest. I feel that in the modern world, to be competitive one should be well aware of laws and regulations in one’s country. It enables oneself not only to have a competitive edge, but also protect oneself from unforeseen circumstances. So although I do not plan to make a career in law, I decided to gather knowledge in the subject. 

As for event planning, I have always been drawn to the creative aspect of the work, so I decided to start a business in that area. My father had a business of providing tents for wedding functions and celebrations. From a young age I used to accompany him to help out.  Slowly I started to grow an interest in the process, so when time came I decided to build up on the existing business and widen its horizon.


Interviewer: What suggestion would you give to any Vidya Bharati student who wants to follow a similar career path as yours?

Mr. Sinha:  From my experience I can say that in the event management sector, gaining experience is more important than getting a degree in the same. To get a degree one has to shell out approximately 1 to 3 lakhs and then you need to gain experience to make a mark in the sector. Thus I will suggest anyone interested in the job to start by working under someone who is experienced. It will be more helpful than just a degree. Other than that the sector provides good scope as we all know we Indians love to celebrate every aspect of our life. But yes, the work is seasonal in nature, so one has to be prepared for that.


Interviewer: Please share your experience of your school days with the community

Mr. Sinha:  If someone wants to get ‘true education’, he/she should study in Vidya Bharati. It was from my teachers in Vidya Bharati schools that I had learnt the importance of culture and nationalism. I am a member of RSS and the concept of ‘Hindutva’ is an integral part of my life. The foundations of the same were laid by Vidya Bharati.

In the professional front, I have been able to grow my business successfully because of the soft skills that had been taught to us as students. We were taught how to converse with people belonging to different walks of life and tackle any situation that came our way.


Interviewer: Are you associated with any kind of social work?

Mr. Sinha:  As I am associated with the ‘Sangh’ for the past 4 years, I have been associated with several social development projects. We also organize religious festivals in our areas and work towards protection and maintenance of old temples as they are an important part of our heritage.


Interviewer: Please share some details about your family.

Mr. Sinha:  My family consists of my father who is associated with BJP, my mother is a homemaker and my younger brother who is studying, helps me with my business.


Interviewer: Would you like to give any message to the Vidya Bharati students? Or your school?

Mr. Sinha:  I would like to tell all students to study hard and follow their dreams without hesitation, no matter what the field. Furthermore stay connected with your school and ‘Sangh’ as it will help to keep the feeling of nationalism alive in your mind.


Vidya Bharati thanks Shri Sheetal Sinha for taking out time and sharing his experiences with the community.

If you are a Vidya Bharati alumni and want to tell your story as well, please email your contact details to info@vidyabharatialumni.org and we will get in touch with you.