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Debunking myths of hotel and tourism industry by Vidya Bharati alumni and Chef, Shri Avinash Kaushik from Rajasthan

Debunking myths of hotel and tourism industry by Vidya Bharati alumni and Chef, Shri Avinash Kaushik from Rajasthan


Tourism and hospitality industry across the globe is one of the most booming sectors. In India it has emerged as one of the key drivers of growth among the services sector. In our country, it has significant potential considering the rich cultural and historical heritage, variety in ecology, terrains and places of natural beauty. Tourism is also a potentially large employment generator besides being a significant source of foreign exchange for the country.

As of 2019, 4.2 crore jobs were created in the tourism sector in India which was 8.1 per cent of total employment in the country and the number is predicted to rise by two per cent per annum to 52.3 million jobs by 2028. India is also the third largest globally in terms of investment in travel & tourism with an investment of US$ 45.7 billion in 2018, accounting for 5.9 per cent of national investment.

But behind all these glitz, glamour and dreams, it is full of struggle and sweat. Dreams are often crushed under the pressures of reality.  Vidya Bharati alumnus Shri Avinash Kaushik, who has made a mark in the industry, after 11 years of hard work, talked about the reality of the industry through a recent interview.

Mr. Kaushik started his academic journey from Vidya Niketan Chittorgarh Rajasthan, where he had studied from 1st class till 4th class, the due to transfer of his father, joined a private school and then came back to the same school to complete his 10th. After schooling he studied Hotel management from Pacific Institute of Hotel Management in Udaipur.

He had always been determined to enter the hotel management and tourism sector from the starting he focused his energies to make a mark in the industry. Presently he is working as a chef in Rajasthan with a professional experience of more than 11 years.

While speaking about his journey in this industry, Mr. Kaushik explained that this sector is filled with trials and tribulations and high dropout rates. While starting the students are shown high dreams and expectations regarding salary and scope but the reality turns out quite different. For the first 4 to 5 years one has to work hard and start small. Often the hours are long and the job is highly stressful. If one manages to tough it out in the initial years then growth becomes easy. For example he spoke how there were 16 students in his batch when starting out but now only 3 are working in the industry. Rest of his batch mates have switched careers, after being unable to cope with the high demands of the industry.

According to Mr. Kaushik, the industry provides ample scope for the ones who are determined and passionate to work. Thus one has to be very sure before choosing this line. He also stated that if one finds it little expensive, one can also do department specific diplomas of 6 months, many of which are provided by the government before entering the industry.

Speaking about his family, Mr. Kaushik stated that his entire family is very close to RSS and Vidya Bharati. Originally being natives of Uttar Pradesh, his family had shifted to Rajasthan, when his father started working in the forest department of the state. He along with his sibling was born and brought up in Rajasthan. His wife is a teacher in Vidya Bharati School and his children are also students of Vidya Bharati. He also has a brother, who is a software engineer.

While talking about his school, Mr. Kaushik pointed out that perhaps, Vidya Bharati is the only institution in the country that puts stress on complete education. Here Indian culture is given equal importance as to quality academics. Although many new generation parents feel that English medium education is better for their children, it is not true as many of his schoolmates presently hold high positions in their career.

Before ending his interview, Mr. Kaushik urged everyone to experience the educational system of Vidya Bharati, stating that it can be life changing.

Vidya Bharati thanks Shri Avinash Kaushik for taking out time and sharing his informative thoughts with the community.

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