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Dr. Satyajit Sabat - A Vidya Bharati alumni is taking physiotherapy to the next level during the pandemic

Dr. Satyajit Sabat - A Vidya Bharati alumni is taking physiotherapy to the next level during the pandemic


Alongside doctors and nurses, physiotherapists have played a key role in the care and treatment of COVID-19 patients in hospitals and often after patients are discharged. Physiotherapy is by its very nature a caring profession. Physical contact and one-on-one interaction are two important tools to help patients with their injuries and movement problems during the pandemic. 

Dr. Satyajit Sabat, an alumnus of Saraswati Shishu Vidya Mandir, Ramharinagar, has been relentlessly working to help people come back to normal life post Covid. “Once a patient is admitted to a hospital with a critical illness, they remain sedated for a couple of days until they start showing recovery symptoms and are gradually improved. The patient often finds it difficult to move after lying down on a hospital bed for days. The role of a physiotherapist is thus very important to rehabilitate the patient”, explained Dr. Sabat. 

Physiotherapists will help patients to the edge of a bed, sit in a chair and stand up from a seated position. Simple exercises also help patients to breathe a little harder and strengthen a patient's respiratory system. 

Dry cough is one of the main symptoms of COVID-19 and Dr. Sabat uses manual techniques to help people breathe better. “We do gentle clapping on their chest or on the back, like you pat a baby after meal”, mentions Dr. Sabat. 

Dr. Sabat had completed his Bachelor of Physiotherapy from National Institute for Locomotor Disabilities, Kolkata after clearing the Common Entrance Test with a 102 rank. He then went on to study Masters in Physiotherapy (NEUROLOGY) MIHFA. 

Beside his regular practice, Dr. Sabat is also the Founder-cum-Managing Director of Satyajits Foundation for Health Education and Welfare. The charitable organization was started by him in January 2020 to help the underprivileged section of the society to get free therapeutic support.  Dr. Sabat has done several charitable works under this organization from organizing free Physiotherapy Camps to offering hands on workshops and also spreading the importance of health and wellness through physiotherapy. 

When we are unwell we take medicine and after sometime we start recovering. But we don’t realize that an extra care is needed to keep our muscles moving, the organs working and the blood flowing. Dr. Sabat explained why Physiotherapy is crucial in post Covid rehabilitation:

“Physiotherapy is needed right from the time we fall unwell and should be continued even after we recover to: 

  • Enhance your health

  • Help you to return to your full potential physically and help you to return to work and daily activities by managing fatigue and muscle pain

  • Improve your respiratory muscle function and relieve breathlessness

  • Teach you appropriate techniques to manage fatigue and be functional and independent while performing daily activities

  • Especially for older patients with diabetes, hypertension, recovering from pneumonia etc. physiotherapy serves as a solution to improve – lung function, recondition, improve endurance, balance and participate in their social environment”

Dr. Sabat always wanted to serve the people in need. Following this dream of his life he chose to become a physiotherapist. “My father, Mr.Santosh Kumar Sabat is my biggest inspiration who is working as District Social Security Officer (DSSO) in Balasore District. The other people who relentlessly support me are my mother, elder brother, elder sister and other family members. Besides them, I will ever remain indebted to my school and all the teachers of Vidya Bharati for the values they instilled in me”, adds Dr. Sabat. 

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