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Dr. Vineet Chaturvedi, from Kanpur talks about his life struggles and how they can be turned into lessons

Dr. Vineet Chaturvedi, from Kanpur talks about his life struggles and how they can be turned into lessons


All ups and downs of life are a chance to gain new experiences. Whether it's success or failure, both have life lessons to teach. - It's a philosophy, by which Dr. Vineet Chaturvedi, alumnus from Kanpur firmly lives by. With an experience of more than a decade in the medical sector, he has walked a rocky road, but his faith in himself never wavered. In a recent interview he shared his experiences with the Vidya Bharati alumni portal team.

Interviewer: Can you share with us your academic and professional background?

Dr. Chaturvedi:  Academically by initial education till class V was in Vidya Bharati school, Saraswati Shishu Mandir, B Block Govind Nagar, Kanpur (1985 batch). Thereafter from classes VI to X, I studied in Ramakrishna Mission.  After completion of schooling, I went on  to do my MBBS and MD. degrees from Banaras Hindu University (BHU)

Professionally I have seen a lot of struggle. I joined UP Rural Institute of Medical Sciences and Research (currently UP University of Medical Sciences)in 2007 as Assistant Professor. In my initial days I was young and didn't like the work atmosphere in a new, rural college, so I resigned from my post and joined under a private diagnostic lab owned by Primal Group, in Kanpur, as it was near to my home I worked there for two years and then due to some internal problems in the group, I had to leave my job. It was a setback for my career and next  I had applied and got selected for an UAE based firm, where I joined as a non medical staff member and in the meantime I had to give an exam to receive a license to  practice as a medical professional there. I had made another error there as I should have given the exam from India. I had not thought that the pressures of adjusting to a foreign environment along with daily work will not leave me with enough time to prepare for the exam. As a result I failed the exam in the 1st attempt and had to come back to India. While working in the Indian branch, I realized that I had made an error in leaving my first job. I was also fed up with moving from job to job and wanted stability at that point of time. So I got in touch with the authorities of my first job and I was re selected. I have been working there ever since.

Interviewer: By working in the healthcare department you are doing great service to the society, but apart from that are you associated with any other social work?

Dr. Chaturvedi: Honestly speaking, my work hardly leaves any time for me to formally associate with any other organisation. I have my specialization in Pathology and manage the department at our institution, ensuring all test results reach in time for the patients. Moreover now, with the pandemic we are on duty almost 24X7, but if I try my best to help those in need around me.

Interviewer: As a professional, what guidance would you give to students, who want to follow the same professional path as yours?

Dr. Chaturvedi: Not only in my profession, for any student, it is important for them to strengthen the areas in which they are weak alongside the subjects that interest them. All should develop a routine for their studies and stick to it diligently and in a disciplined manner.

Interviewer: Has Vidya Bharati impacted your life in any way?

Dr. Chaturvedi: Yes, I was fortunate enough to to spend my formative years under Vidya Bharati, which helped me to learn and strengthen the basics of life. Discipline is an important aspect in both my professional and personal life and I have learned it’s from my ‘Acharays’.

Interviewer: Would you like to share any message with the students?

Dr. Chaturvedi: I just wanted them to realise that they are under an institution that will help them to walk the right path in life and I wish they carry these lessons wherever they go.

“काकचेष्टा वकोध्यानम

स्वान निद्रा तथैव च

अल्पाहारी गृहत्यागी

विद्यार्थी पंच लक्षणम”

Vidya Bharati thanks Dr. Vineet Chaturvedi for taking out time from his busy schedule and talking about his journey. 

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