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Education in Slums is the need of the hour- Vidya Bharati alumni, Yogiraj Sharma

Education in Slums is the need of the hour- Vidya Bharati alumni, Yogiraj Sharma


More than 5% of Indian population dwell in slum areas, consisting of above 6.5 crore citizens. Among several economic and social challenges faced by the people of such areas, lack of education is one such handicap that does not allow the residents to break out of the poverty cycle.

In spite of Governmental efforts, proper education still remains a dream for most of these inhabitants. Much of this gap is fulfilled by NGO’s and dedicated individuals, who are working tirelessly to provide education to this section of our society.

Vidya Bharati alumni, Yogiraj Sharma from Madhya Pradesh is one such individual who has been teaching in the slum areas for more than 4 years in his free time. In an interview with the Vidya Bharati alumni portal team, he talked about his experiences.


Interviewer: Please share with us your academic and professional journey so far?

Mr. Sharma: I was the student of Saraswati Vidya Mandir Lateri, Vidisha, where I had studied till 10th standard and then did my higher studies at RKDF University in Bhopal. I have a M.Sc degree in Microbiology, which I have done from the same university.

Presently I am working as a teacher at  Raghu International School (RIS) CBSE in Anandpur.

Interviewer: What made you take up teaching as a profession? 

Mr. Sharma: I am a firm believer of the fact that if one does charity, it doesn't help the individuals in the long run. But if one one makes an individual self reliant, it will certainly help that person in the future. Education is the best method to help an individual to become self-reliant and independent, thus it gives me great satisfaction to be a part of the system.

Interviewer: Apart from your work are you associated with any kind of social service?

Mr. Sharma: Yes, for more than 4 years now, I have been teaching college students from Ratan Colony, Bhopal and few from Karond region. All these students come from poverty stricken families and find it difficult to afford tuition fees. Being a teacher myself, I understand the importance of educational guidance outside the classroom, so I feel blessed to be able to help them. Hopefully their future will be bright and they will turn out to be assets for our country.

I am also planning to do some medical related work in these areas as well.

Interviewer: How was your experience at your school? Did it have any impact on your life?

Mr. Sharma: Of course my schooling has had a major impact on my personality. The ethical values that I have received along with sound education have shaped my thoughts and continue  to influence my actions till date.

Vidya Bharati thanks Sri Yogiraj Sharma for sharing his thoughts with the community.

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