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The journey of service and excellence - Saraswati Shishu / Vidya Mandir, H.S. School, Silwani, Raisen, Madhya Pradesh

The journey of service and excellence - Saraswati Shishu / Vidya Mandir, H.S. School, Silwani, Raisen, Madhya Pradesh


Saraswati Shishu/Vidya Mandir, H.S. School, Silwani, Raisen, was established in 1993. Sri Rakesh Tripathi ji , the Principal spoke to Vidya Bharati about the journey of the school


After contributions by the founder members, for the school, Sarswati Saraswati Shishu / Vidya Mandir, H.S. Silwani was built on 3.5 acres of land. The building covers about 7700 sq ft and consists of 3 floors with a total of 22 classrooms. 


It boasts of modern facilities, a well-equipped library, fleet of school buses for students, Science and computer Laboratories, Audio - Visual Aids, Music Room and an Atal Tinkering Lab in its premises. They also have provisions for clean drinking water along with water coolers. The school is surrounded by 16 CCTV cameras which maintain the safety and security of the students. The school is affiliated to the MP board and it is till class 12th.  Approximately 706 students are taught in the school by 23 teachers. It also has an alumni strength of more than 250.




Like all Vidya Bharati schools, sports and extracurricular activities are considered as an essential part of the education system and the students are encouraged to take part in different sporting events and competitions. In the field of sports the students have made their mark in events like Running, KhoKho, Wrestling, Kabaddi, and Long Jump. They also participate in sporting events organised by SGFI (School Games Federation of India) every year.  The school aims at promoting the necessity of sports among the youth and motivates young talents from the area. 


Alongside sports the students are also encouraged to attend Yoga, Music, Sanskrit, and Art classes as well in order to connect the young minds with the vibrant Indian culture. Meanwhile the school also organizes various kinds of arts and science exhibitions in the school campus from time to time. Due to the presence of Atal Tinkering Lab the school focuses on development of the concepts of innovation and ingenuity among the students. Neighbouring children from the community apart from school students are also allowed to come and train in the lab.




The school is associated with several social services and considers it as a fundamental part of personality development among the students. It not only gives the students an exposure to social service, but also aids the students regarding career and personality development. Children belonging from financially weak backgrounds are also provided assistance by the school committee so that they can continue their studies without any financial hindrance.

The School conducts Teacher Awards where teachers whose students have passed out with 100% marks are awarded and felicitated by Zila Shiksha Adhikari every year in order to acknowledge their selfless dedication towards the excellence of their students.


Saraswati Shishu / Vidya Mandir,H.S. School,Silwani, Raisen, is one of the most esteemed institutions running under Vidya Bharati and is considered as an ‘Adarsh Vidyalay’.


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