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Sarada Vidya Mandir, Hemtabad

Sarada Vidya Mandir, Hemtabad


Sarada Vidya Mandir, Hemtabad is one of the 4 schools from Uttar Banga Pranta with a Madhyamik affiliation. The school which was developed brick by brick by the help of the local people, today, stands as a promise to hold the society united. 

The Principal of Sarada Vidya Mandir, Hemtabad, Shri Bimal Chandra Das, mentioned, the school was started in 2001 with only primary sections. “Understanding the need of a school, which will not only impart quality education, but also act as institution for social change, we held a meeting in the year 2000 with the Karyakartas and Teachers of other schools”, recalled Shri Das. 

Soon a land of 8-10 bighas was rented and the 1st school building was erected which has fenced walls and tinned roof. The Sarada Vidya Mandir, Hemtabad, started functioning in 2001 and continued in this same building till 2007. “The number of students kept growing each year and we felt the need of a bigger school building”, said Shri Das. 




In 2008, 3 bigha lands were purchased and a new school building was constructed with bricked walls and tinned roof. Within a year the area was badly hit by a cyclone damaging the entire school building. “We had to reconstruct the school, for which we needed monetary support”, mentioned Shri Bimal Das. 




Shri Das, along with the teachers, chalked out a plan and presented it to ONGC. They also went door-to-door seeking for support. The entire society came together to help to their best capacity. Soon a donation from ONGC also reached them. With these wholehearted supports, they buy 4 more bighas of land and construct a new school building. 

Sarada Vidya Mandir, Hemtabad received its Madhyamik affiliation in 2017. There are 65 teachers and around 1200 students currently studying in the school. While the old school building has 12 classrooms, the new building houses 30 classroms, a library, separate toilet blocks, science lab and a sports ground. The construction work of a computer lab and a smart classroom is currently in progress. The school has also applied for Atal Tinkering Lab. 

The school participates in various social activities involving the students. Every year food and clothes are distributed in the tribal villages surrounding the school. “There are around 20 to 25 tribal students in our school who study here free of cost. Since language is a big problem for them, we also have a Tribal Teacher in our school, to help these students with their studies”, mentioned Sri Das. 

The school also has a strong alumni network. It is noteworthy to mention that 14 female alumni from the school are currently working in various district hospitals as nurses. Furthermore, during the Covid lockdown period last year, a number of alumni came together to raise funds and provide food and medicines to the needy people of the district for more than a month. 

Sarada Vidya Mandir, Hemtabad stands as an ideal example where brain and heart comes together to spread love and compassion. 



Principal: Shri Das


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