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Scientist at CSIR- National Metallurgical Laboratory and alumnus from Dhanbad, Shri Krishna Kumar talks about his illustrious career spanning over a decade

Scientist at CSIR- National Metallurgical Laboratory and alumnus from Dhanbad, Shri Krishna Kumar talks about his illustrious career spanning over a decade


Alumnus of three Vidya Bharati schools, Shri Krishna Kumar has had a long and remarkable career stretching more than a decade. From being a topper at school to becoming a scientist at one of premier organisations in India, he had gathered invaluable experiences along the way and talked about them through a recent interview.


Interviewer:  Please tell us about your academic and professional background.

Mr. Kumar:  I passed out my 10th board examination in 2004 from Saraswati Shishu Vidya Mandir, Baghmara, Dhanbad, as a topper. Next I studied in Saraswati Shishu Vidya Mandir, Shyamdih, Katrashgarh, Dhanbad and later shifted to Saraswati Shishu Vidya Mandir, Bokaro from where I passed my 12 the examination, topping as well.

After completion of my schooling I took a one year gap to prepare for engineering examinations. I did my graduation in Chemical engineering from Priyadarshini Institute of Engineering and Technology under Nagpur University.

Just after graduation, I got a job offer from Ultra Tech cement, where I worked for some time and left due to some personal reasons. Then I joined IDL Explosives Limited in Rourkela as Sr. Executive in Production, where I worked till 2013.

One of the turning points of my career came, when I was offered the post of Trainee scientist at AcSIR- National Metallurgical Laboratory, Jamshedpur. Alongside I completed my Master’s degree (Materials and Metallurgical Engineering) in 2015.

Since 2016, I have been working as a scientist at the metal extraction department of CSIR- National Metallurgical Laboratory in Jamshedpur. Also presently I am also pursuing my PhD degree as well.


Interviewer: Why did you choose this profession?

Mr. Kumar:  My initial goal was not to become a scientist but an engineer. I have always been very sound academically, so when I got to study along with doing research at AcSIR, I got interested and took up the opportunity. It turned out to be a career changing decision for me.


Interviewer: What advice would you give to any student who would like to choose a similar career path as yours?

Mr. Kumar:  Earlier during our time, there was no clear path towards becoming a scientist, but in the present day scenario, with knowledge and technology at our fingertips, several opportunities have opened up for students. A lot of programs are being provided by Indian government for students interested in any field of physical sciences. A student can opt for an engineering route or research route to become a scientist. At school level also Indian government is helping the schools to set up ‘Atal Tinkering Labs’ to develop a research oriented mind set among the children. 

Lastly the students should have an inclination towards research and development if they want to go into this career. They have to align their interest with available information in order to move forward. The parents and teachers also have the responsibility to identify natural talents among the children and develop them accordingly.


Interviewer: Can you share some details about your family background?

Mr. Kumar:  My family originally belongs from Bania, near Uttar Pradesh border. My father used to work in Dhanbad so our family shifted there. My family also consists of my mother, sister who is also a Vidya Bharati alumni, wife and child. My family members were not very highly educated but were always very supportive. They have a huge contribution towards whatever success that I have been able to achieve in my life.


Interviewer: Please tell us something about your school.

Mr. Kumar:  All the Vidya Bharati schools where I had studied and my teachers have helped to shape up my personality. During the school days, they encouraged us to participate in various kinds of extracurricular activities alongside our academics. I would also like to specifically mention that Shri Binay Kumar, who used to teach us chemistry, had helped me to develop such deep attachment for science as a subject.

In school, I was associated with Kishor Sabha and Tarun Varg. These experiences helped me to gain soft skills like public speaking, oration skills, leadership skills etc. and thus contributing to personality development.  For instance, when science labs were being opened a t our school, I helped my teachers to set them up. All these experiences added together and prepared me for the future.


Interviewer: Lastly would you like to give any message to the Vidya Bharati students?

Mr. Kumar:  The education system at Vidya Bharati is truly unique, which leads to complete character development among the students. I would like to advise all the students to learn about your heritage, history and culture that is being taught to you at school. Participate in extracurricular activities. All these will help to open your mind. Lastly, I would like to mention that no matter where you go in life, if you are connected with your roots, you will always be able to face the world with confidence.


Vidya Bharati Purv Chatra Parishad thanks Shri Krishna Kumar for taking out time and sharing his invaluable experiences with the community.

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