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Sharda Bal Niketan Sr. Sec. School, Nagaur, Rajasthan - Adarsh Vidya Bharati School

Sharda Bal Niketan Sr. Sec. School, Nagaur, Rajasthan - Adarsh Vidya Bharati School


An ideal educational institution should not only provide quality education to its students, but also become a beacon of development for the entire community surrounding it. 

Vidya Bharati schools have always laid immense emphasis on social service and development, which has been magnificently embodied by Sharda Bal Niketan Sr. Sec. School. The school was established in the year 1975 and is located in Nagaur district of Rajasthan. 

Inspired by R.S.S. Pracharak Shri Nandlal Joshi, Shri Mohan Ram Chaudhary and Late Shri Nemichand Singhwi  started the school during the Indian emergency period. The co- educational hindi medium school consists of classes 1 to 12 along with an attached pre-primary section.  The school is spread over 35 acres consisting of 15 classrooms for instructional purposes, 2 rooms for non-teaching activity, ample toilet blocks, playground, computer lab and a large library. 

Presently Sharda Bal Niketan Sr. Sec. Sch, Nagaur have 5 units in total, 3 schools and 2 hostels. The faculty consists of 1900 students (903 boys and 997 girls), 12 hostel staff and 75 teachers.

Like all Vidya Bharati schools,  Sharda Bal Niketan lays great importance on overall development of students, thus personality development, physical education, yoga, cultural education, arts, moral education, social service, nationalism and spiritual education are all part of the curriculum. Students are encouraged to participate in sports and cultural festivities with equal fervour. 

The essence of samaj seva or social service is one of the important components that is installed among the students. The school which believes in leading by example, is associated with diverse social activities. It has contributed to approximately 4.5 lakhs for social service and runs a free school in the slum area of Nagaur city consisting of more than 80 students. It is a joint venture of the school and the Rajasthan Patrika newspaper. Students studying in the school are provided with free school bags, stationery, books, uniforms, tiffin boxes and other educational aids. Two teachers have been appointed to teach the students. It also consists of two separate hostels: Swami Vivekananda Boys Hostel and Bhagini Nivedita Girls Hostel for the students within the campus. Donations for the smooth functioning of the school are raised by the alumni, members of the management committee and various social organizations.

Sharda Bal Niketan Sr. Sec. School, Nagaur, functions by the motto of “Our land is our home and education is the source to advance freedom”.  The school is a source of inspiration for all its students  and a role model for all other educational institutions.


If you are interested to help in the nation building process and donate for development of Vidya Bharati schools, you can email us at info@vidyabharatialumni.org or donate online at : https://www.vidyabharatialumni.org/donation