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In talks with Vidya Bharati alumni and civil engineer from Bihar, Kaushlesh Kumar Singh

In talks with Vidya Bharati alumni and civil engineer from Bihar, Kaushlesh Kumar Singh


Kaushlesh Kumar Singh is an alumnus of  Saraswati Vidya Mandir Dr. Hedgewar Nagar Barwat Sena Bettiah, Bihar. He is a civil engineer by profession.  Recently he gave an interview discussing his social work and how his school has inspired and changed his life. A short extract of the same has been given below :


Interviewer :  Can you kindly give a brief background of your academic and professional journey so far.

Mr. Singh :  I studied in Saraswati Vidya Mandir, Bettiah, till class 10 and passed out in the year 2005. After my schooling , I graduated from Bharat University, Chennai and presently working as Civil Engineer at Mahatma Gandhi Central University Motihari, Bihar.


Interviewer : How did your school impact your life so far?

Mr. Singh :  I studied in Saraswati Vidya Mandir, Bettiah from primary section to class 10. I feel that my school and teachers have had a great impact on how my life and personality has shaped up to be. In any other school, the primary focus is only on education, but in Vidya Bharati schools, along with academics, importance is given on relationship building, discipline, cultural development and sports. All these are important aspects  that prepare you for a successful adult life.

Since a very young age I was highly interested in science and loved to do new experiments. On seeing my passion, my teachers encouraged me to participate in several science exhibitions and competitions. This gave a huge boost to my confidence and I was able to secure 1st rank at Pranta level science exhibition and 2nd rank in Kshetra level.

I was also encouraged to take up sports  by my teachers, which I thoroughly enjoyed, and feel that it has assisted me to stay healthy, even in my adulthood.


Interviewer :  Are you associated with any kind of social work?

Mr. Singh : Yes, I am an active blood donor and donate blood quite often. It gives me immense satisfaction to think that my actions are saving lives. 


Interviewer : In your life , who is your biggest inspiration?

Mr. Singh : There are two people who have inspired me a lot. My first inspiration is my Guru ji, who has taught me the art of  positive ‘relationship building’ and my uncle, who is also an engineer, is my second inspiration. He taught me how engineers are important for a country’s development.


Interviewer : Would you like to give any message to the student community?

Mr. Singh :  Being an engineer myself and having an experience of approximately eight years, I would like to tell all engineering aspirants, that if you wish to make a career in the field, after completion of your studies, do not divert from the career. In the initial stage you might feel that you are not paid enough, but if you don't give up, I can assure you that your persistence will pay off and you will get good opportunities soon. There is nothing better or more satisfying  than working in a field that you are passionate about.

Vidya Bharati Purv Chatra Parshiad thanks Mr. Kaushlesh Kumar Singh for sharing his experience with the community.


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