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Vidya Bharati alumni and advocate from Kanpur, Sri Devendra Singh talks about the life changing impact of his school on his life

Vidya Bharati alumni and advocate from Kanpur, Sri Devendra Singh talks about the life changing impact of his school on his life


The lessons learnt as a child can be life altering and arguably one of the most important for an individual. The right ‘Sanskars’ taught to a child can lead him/her to grow up into a socially responsible citizen of our country. Vidya Bharati alumnus Sri Devendra Singh, an advocate from Kanpur, shared how his school has helped him to grow into the person that he is today through this brief interview.


Interviewer:  Please tell us something about your academic and professional background

Mr. Singh: I have studied in Saraswati Shishu Mandir, Kanpur till the fifth standard and then later moved to a local school to complete my schooling. I went on to do my BA. LLB degree from Vikramajit Singh Sanatan Dharma College (VSSD). I passed out in 2006 and then started practicing law. Presently I am an advocate and mainly deal with taxation.


Interviewer: What made you take up your present field of study?

Mr. Singh: From quite a young age I was interested in law and when my elder brother also passed law degree I went for it. One thing in this field is that if you have some known person in the same field it always is conducive to one’s career in the initial phases as it is necessary to have an experienced guide.


Interviewer: What suggestion would you give to any Vidya Bharati student who want to follow a similar career path as yours?

Mr. Singh: First and foremost, an individual should opt this career if he/she is truly passionate about the subject, as I have seen many opting out of the subject as they could not handle the academic pressure. If such is the case one is only losing out precious years at the beginning of one’s career.

Secondly if one is interested to take up the subject then one has to start preparing for the CLAT (Common Law Admission Test) from at least a year beforehand. This exams are held after completion of 12th board exams.

Thirdly before a candidate can start practicing on his/her own he/she has to work under a practicing lawyer first, so it’s imperative that the candidate start approaching mentors, who can guide them in the beginning of one’s career.


Interviewer: Please tell us something about your family.

Mr. Singh: My family has been long-time residents of Kanpur. Presently I stay with my wife and daughter.


Interviewer: Are you associated with any kind of social work? 

Mr. Singh: As a Vidya Bharati alumni I have always been aware of my social responsibilities. Fortunately my work provides me with ample opportunities to help those in need. I often provide legal advice and aid to those belonging to economically weaker section of the society. Apart from my profession I have also participated in blood donation camps.


Interviewer: How did your school impact you so far? Are you still in touch with your school?

Mr. Singh: I might have studied under Vidya Bharati for a very short period, but it has had a major impact on my life and personality. Good academics can be provided by a lot of school, but what is important is that from childhood we have been taught about the importance of nationalism and given good ‘Sanskars’ by our teachers. The lessons that I had received as a child, has helped be to grow as a better human being and responsible citizen.


As for being in touch with my school, I have attended few events organised by my school. I also keep in touch with few of my childhood teachers. I respect them as my own family.


Interviewer: Would you like to give any any messages for the Vidya Bharati students?

Mr. Singh: I am sure that all Vidya Bharati students are provided with all necessary life lessons by their respective schools, but I would like to remind them that to do well in their life they need to do ‘Parishram’. They should also give importance to ‘Rashtriya Seva’ and ‘shanti’.


Vidya Bharati Purv Chatra Parishad thanks Sri Devendra Singh for taking out time from his busy schedule to share his story with the community.


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