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Vidya Bharati alumni Dr. Manish Saxena- reviving the ancient knowledge of 'Vastu Shastra' and 'Jotish Vidya' through his exceptional work

Vidya Bharati alumni Dr. Manish Saxena- reviving the ancient knowledge of 'Vastu Shastra' and 'Jotish Vidya' through his exceptional work


The science of ‘Vastu Shastra’ and ‘Jotish Vidya’ is an integral part of Indian ancient knowledge. In fact it is believed that ‘Vastushastra’ has originated from the Vedas themselves. In the bygone era, these sciences were given much importance and were believed to bring wealth, prosperity, happiness and health to those who followed them religiously.

There are mentions of ‘Vastu Shastra’ being used to build palaces and temples in Mahabharata, Ramayana and Buddhist texts. It was believed that Lord Buddha used to give discourses on architecture based on this knowledge.

But sadly, with modernization of studies as per western philosophies, our ancient knowledge of such sciences are  slowly dwindling. In such circumstances, it has become necessary to revive and practice such studies. 

Dr. Manish Saxena, Vidya Bharati alumni from Kanpur has  dedicated a lot of time towards the study and revival of such studies. He shared his journey with Vidya Bharati Alumni portal team, Which has been summarized below:


Interviewer: Please give us a background of your academic and professional journey so far.


Dr. Saxena: I have done my schooling under Vidya Bharati from Jugal Devi Saraswati Vidya Mandir, Deen Dayal Nagar Kanpur till class 12 (1994 batch). After completing my schooling, I did my B.Sc degree from DAV College, Kanpur. For further studies, I completed my M.Phil in 2008 and M.Tech in 2012. I have two Ph.D degrees, one in Computer Science (2015) and another in ‘Jyotish’ (2016). In  fact I received a Gold medal  during my Ph.D in ‘Jyotish’.  I also have an Acharya degree both in ‘Jyotish’  and Vastu Science. Recently  I completed diploma in Clinical Aromatherapy in 2019

As for my profession, I am a professor at FGIET, Raebareli in Uttar Pradesh. I also practice Astrology, Vastu and Aromatherapy in Lucknow. I have received two International awards for rediscovering Aromatherapy for Clinical purpose and for Medical Astrology. I have also treated several Cancer Patients successfully.


Interviewer: Dr. Saxena, you have mentioned that you are involved with several social work as well. Can you please elaborate on those?


Dr. Saxena: Yes being a Vidya Bharati alumni, I have always been aware of my responsibilities towards my society. Apart from my services through my professional work,  for the past 20 years I have been associated with various NGOs and academic institutions, where I have organised medical camps. For the last 3 years,  I have also been invited as an expert to provide free workshops and talks. I also hold workshops for farmers on use of modern and organic farming. I frequently attend Career Counselling sessions in  Schools, Colleges and Academic Institutions as well.

In the future I have a number of plans to implement government policies in rural sectors as well as organizing medical camps in the rural areas.


Interviewer:  Has Vidya Bharati impacted your life. If yes then how?


Dr. Saxena:  As most Vidya Bharati alumni, the institution has had a strong impact on my life. All the values that I try to incorporate into my daily life have been given to me by Vidya Bharati. It is like a family to me and I am in regular touch with my school. I also hold the post of Vice President, Poorva Chatra Parishad of Kanpur Pranta, U.P.


Interviewer: Would you like to share any message with the Vidya Bharati community?


Dr. Saxena: As a part of Vidya Bharati, we should set an example in the society by doing our duties with total dedication, truth, and justice and stand by others who are in need.


Vidya Bharati Purv Chatra Parishad thanks Dr. Manish Saxena for taking the time to share his inspirational journey with the community.

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