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Vidya Bharati alumni from Jaipur, Prince Tiwari serving his society during Covid 19 pandemic

Vidya Bharati alumni from Jaipur, Prince Tiwari serving his society during Covid 19 pandemic


With the ongoing Covid 19 pandemic and resulting country wide lock down, daily life as we knew has changed considerably. Although the measures taken by the government is essential at this point of time, there is no denying that there are large sections of people in our society that are unable to meet even their daily needs. 

In a developing country like India, with its widespread poverty, where many find it difficult to feed themselves with two square meals even in normal times, the situation has become considerably worse during the present time. Daily labourers and migrant workers do not have work and are finding themselves without shelter, food and basic provisions to fight against the pandemic like soaps, hand sanitizers and masks. 

Since the lock down, Vidya Bharati alumni, all across the country have come forward to help those in need in various capacities. One such alumni is Prince Tiwari, ex-student of Shri Balaram Higher Secondary Adarsh ​​Vidya Mandir, Bassi (Jaipur) Rajasthan.  

Prince is a student of Banaras Hindu University (BHU). Currently during the Covid 19 pandemic relief work he is in charge of handling the responsibility of handling social media of Vidya Bharati in Jaipur province. 

He along with his fellow alumni in Jaipur are carrying out several kinds of relief work and helping out during these difficult times. The group has taken up the responsibility to prepare and deliver cooked meals to the homeless near their localities. Each day they help in preparation and distribution of approximately 25000 food packets early in the morning and in the evening that are given out by their subdivision administration. When people are staying at home for their own safety, Prince and his fellow alumni are risking their own health to serve their society. 



Prince is also helping several non-governmental organisations to deliver dry groceries to not only the poor, but also to the elderly and the invalid who cannot go out of their homes to procure their daily necessities. In his free time he helps out to make and distribute face masks among residents of nearby localities, as a measure to tide over the scarcity of this essential commodity in the market. 

He and his friends have made provisions for food and water for stray animals in their localities, especially for cows as they often are unable to forge for food during this time. 

Prince is a member of the volunteer group at his university, where they are visiting different locations to spread awareness regarding the pandemic and the necessary precautions to be taken to prevent the spread of this virus. 

Vidya Bharati Purv Chatra Parishad appreciates the hard work and dedication towards public service of all Vidya Bharati alumni like Prince Tiwari during this difficult period.


If you are a Vidya Bharati alumni and associated with any kind of Covid 19 related social work, kindly fill up your details at: https://forms.gle/APN1qK9YDrF6bf5B7 or email us info@vidyabharatialumni.org