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Vidya Bharati alumni, Kum Manshali Taunk from Madhya Pradesh - providing legal education to women

Vidya Bharati alumni, Kum Manshali Taunk from Madhya Pradesh - providing legal education to women


In India there are ample laws and regulations safeguarding women and girls from unjust treatment and different forms of violence. In spite of all these rules, unfortunately crime against women is on a rise in our country. 

As per National Family Health Survey (NFHS) data  30 percent women in India in the age group of 15 to 49 have experienced physical violence since the age of 15. About 31 percent of married women have experienced physical, sexual or emotional violence by their spouses. Sadly most of the crimes against women go unreported. The instance is higher in rural areas or among the low income groups.

Mostly violence against women and girls is both a cause and a consequence of gender inequality. Lack of education and women empowerment further exacerbate the problem. In the present scenario, it is essential to make women and girls from every walk of life, aware of their legal and human rights and how to exercise them when in need.

Recognizing the importance, Kum Manshali Taunk, an alumna of Saraswati Shishu Mandir, Chhapiheda, Madhya Pradesh has been working towards providing legal education and aid to susceptible women and girls since 2017.




Taunk had studied in Saraswati Shishu Mandir, Chhapiheda till class 10th, and later completed her schooling from Government school in Chhapiheda. In 2016 she did her graduation in Economics from Government College, Jirapur. Taunk has always been passionate about serving her society and wanted to become an IPS officer, but due to some family issues she was forced to postpone her studies. Instead she opted for studying Law at Government College, Rajgarh. In 2019 she passed her law degree topping her class. Presently she aims to become a criminal judge and preparing for her LLM degree. 

Inspired by her grandfather, Shri Bal Krishna Taunk, who is a village sarpanch and social worker, Kum Manshali has associated herself with social work since 2017, under Rajgarh District Legal Authority. She mainly works in the field of women rights and provides legal aid to the needy. 

She also organises campaigns on human rights  in schools, villages and slum areas. Since she started working in this field, Kum Manshali has helped more than 1000 people till date. She has also single handedly solved approximately 50 cases related to  broken marriage successfully.

While speaking about the role that her family and her school have had in her life, Kum Manshali states that her family have always supported her dreams. They have never set up any boundaries for her, in spite of being a girl. This has urged her to help other women and girls who are less fortunate than her.

While reminiscing about her her school days, Taunk expressed her gratitude towards her teachers, especially Shri Shiv Narayan Jangid ji for helping her to become a confident young woman. According to her it was one of the most formative stages of her life that has had a profound positive influence on her personality.


Kum Manshali Taunk is an inspirational young woman and Vidya Bharati Purv Chatra Parishad wishes her all the best for her future.


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