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Vidya Bharati alumni Mr. Kuldeep Tipathi from Uttar Pradesh, starts 'Hariyali Foundation' , to support organic farming in his locality

Vidya Bharati alumni Mr. Kuldeep Tipathi from Uttar Pradesh, starts 'Hariyali Foundation' , to support organic farming in his locality


With rising pollution levels, destroyed ecological balance, economic uncertainty and soaring health concerns, going back to simpler times attuned to nature seems to be a positive step to be taken in the present day scenario. Thus no wonder, a great portion of the world's population are turning towards a more holistic lifestyle.

Mr. Kuldeep Tipathi, an alumnus of Bhani Devi Goyal Saraswati Vidya Mandir, Jhansi Uttar Pradesh, thinks that considering the present global conditions, the concept of ‘organic farming’ is an answer to a lot of social and economic problems.

His dream has led him to leave his 12 years plus  lucrative career in print and digital media in Delhi to return to his hometown and start an NGO to promote organic farming.

A short interview with Mr. Tipathi is given below:


Interviewer : Please tell us something about your professional and academic background.

Mr. Tipathi :  I am an alumni of Bhani Devi Goyal Saraswati Vidya Mandir, Jhansi (1999 batch) and did graduation (BA) from Ewing Christian College (Allahabad University) in 2005. In 2007, I completed my MA degree in advertising and Public relations from Makhanlal Chaturvedi National University of Journalism.

I have an experience of working more than 12 years in the field of print and digital media in New Delhi, before I decided to come back and open an NGO near my home town.


Interviewer:  Earlier you have talked about running an NGO. Kindly elaborate.

Mr. Tipathi :  Over the years I have extensively researched the multitude advantages of organic farming, specifically keeping in mind the Indian farming community and wanted to do something in that field. Thus in 2019 I decided to come back home and  work with local people for their benefit. 

As the first step we made a team and started organic farming ourselves to gain the confidence of the local farming community and slowly started convincing them to start their own organic farms.

We have also started a trust named ‘Hariyali Foundation’, which is working with farmers and other NGO’s on development of organic farming and water management. Last year with the help of farmers we revived five ponds which were dry and this little initiative changed hundreds of lives. This year we were ready to work on at least fifteen such ponds in the remote Bundelkhand area but due to the outbreak of covid19 it had to be postponed. 

Presently we are trying to provide support and education to the farmers online through awareness campaigns. We are also providing financial help to the farming community during these difficult times.

We want the farmers to feel proud of their work as in India people still don't like to be called ‘farmers’. With this pandemic, I feel that people are changing their perspectives and getting in touch with their roots. I only hope that with growing demand of organic produce, people will stay true to their profession and choose to remain in the villages, developing their lands, instead of working as unskilled labourers in cities and other states.


Interviewer: Would you like to say something about your school or Vidya Bharati as a whole?

Mr. Tipath : My school was the one that taught me to respect all levels of people and help others in need, so I owe a lot to the institution. For Vidya Bharati as a whole I would like to see them become more flexible and adapt with the changing  global scenario.


Vidya Bharati Purv Chatra Parishad thanks Mr. Kuldeep Tipathi for sharing his story with the community. 


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