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Vidya Bharati alumni Sri Arpan Roy Pramanik from North Bengal shares how his love for teaching enabled him to overcome multiple struggles and achieve his life's aim

Vidya Bharati alumni Sri Arpan Roy Pramanik from North Bengal shares how his love for teaching enabled him to overcome multiple struggles and achieve his life's aim


Hailing from a small village in Coochbehar, Vidya Bharati alumni, Shri Arpan Roy Pramanik has faced severe hurdles to reach his aim of becoming a professor at one of the most well-known colleges in North Bengal. Recently he shared his experiences via an interview, whose brief extract has been given below.


Interviewer: Please tell us something about your academic and professional background?

Mr. Pramanik: I come from a small village in Coochbehar, known as Jamaldaha. My educational journey started from Sarada Shishu Tirtha, Jamaldah, where we were the first batch. We had only five students at that time. I studied in the school till class 4 and then transferred to the only High school in the area, where students from nearby villages also came to study. I completed my class 10 from this institute and then had to go to the nearby Mathabhanga city for my higher education. 


Living in the city was quite costly and my father could not afford it, so I got the help from one of my friends, and together we rented a room together. I completed my class 12 from a school in Mathabhanga and joined Mathabhanga College to do my Graduation with Bengali Hons. The funny part is that the college in which I presently teach, AVN Seal College, I had tried for admission there during graduation, but the seats were so less that I did not get a chance to study there. I did my Masters from North Bengal University.


After Masters, the job market at that time was quite bad and also the universities were having some difficulty with the UGC and so all Phd programs were stopped. As my family was financially unstable, there was pressure to take up a job as soon as possible, but I was adamant to become an educator, so I got enrolled in  B.Ed degree. After my B. Ed degree, I gave SSC Examinations and got a job as a school teacher in 2014. While working there, the trouble with the university was sorted and I applied for the NET examinations, where I secured a good rank and got Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) as well.  Presently I am doing my Ph.D from North Bengal University, as well as teaching as a professor at AVN Seal College (Bengali Dept.)


Interviewer: What suggestion would you give to any Vidya Bharati student who wants to follow a similar career path as yours?

Mr. Pramanik: As I always tell my own students, I encourage everyone to study a subject that they truly love. Many people hold the view that few subjects have more demand than the others and one should study that subject, but this concept is wrong. In higher studies, there is scope for all, and so if one wants to become a professor, they should study the subject of their interest. 


Interviewer: How did Vidya Bharati School impact you? Can you share your experience?

Mr. Pramanik: My interest to become a teacher was due to my school. The Teachers at Vidya Bharati were so supportive and attentive towards us, that I idolised them. They became my role models and from a very early age, I had decided to become a teacher like them.


As for my experience, it was quite unique. As I had mentioned earlier that I was a student in the first batch. At that time there was a rumor that any certificate from Vidya Bharati school was not valid and we will not be granted admission to government school later on based on that certificate. All the students who had taken admission in the school were leaving it in fear. It was our school principal that assured my parents that he would take our responsibility and ensure that we do not face any difficulty in future. As a child I was afraid, but decided not to leave the school, because we had such a good relationship with our teachers. Even now when I visit my school, I feel very nostalgic. When I had to leave the school, I realised how different the education system in Vaidya Bharati schools are. 


Interviewer: Please tell us something about your family.

Mr. Pramanik: In my family there are four members, my father, mother, sister and me. My father used to run a small business, but presently is not doing anything and my mother is now a teacher in my childhood school Sarada Shishu Tirtha. I did not get her as my teacher, but later on as she was connected with education and loved working with children, she was offered the post.


Interviewer: Are you associated with any kind of social work?

Mr. Pramanik: Due to my research as a Phd student and my job as a professor, I don't get much time, but I am associated with few local NGOs and try and support them, especially during this ongoing pandemic. When I get more time I would certainly think about supporting more causes.


Interviewer: Would you like to share any parting message with the Vidya Bharati students?

Mr. Pramanik: All the things that they need to learn will be taught by their school. The only message that I would give them is to love whatever they are doing, whether it's academics, sports or something else. This is the time that would never return and they should learn and enjoy as much as possible.

Vidya Bharati Purv Chatra Parishad thanks Shri Arpan Roy Pramanik for taking out time and sharing his inspirational journey with the community.


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