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Vidya Bharati student Laxmi Nagar from Chhattisgarh, ranks in National level Judo competition

Vidya Bharati student Laxmi Nagar from Chhattisgarh, ranks in National level Judo competition


Women participation in sports in India is at an all time high with the spate of recent wins by Indian women sportsperson in international arena. Sportswomen in athletics, badminton, and table tennis have made India proud. It has been proven that encouraging young girls to take up sports provides them with sociological and physiological benefits, which are necessary for their healthy development.

The concept that girls are less interested in sports than the boys, is a myth.  A combination of lack of opportunity, lack of peer group support when they do play sports and lack of encouragement causes most girls to drop out of sports at a rate that is two times greater than boys.

Vidya Bharti have always considered sports as an integral part of education and healthy development of children. Thus all schools encourage their students to take up sports and compete in their chosen field irrespective of their gender. This practice has resulted in the emergence of exceptional sports person both male and female from these schools over the years.

One such notable example of upcoming athlete is Laxmi Nagar, who is a student of Swami Vivekanand Vidya Niketan Balika Prathmik (Shopping Centre Kota) in Chhattisgarh. The class 10 student bagged bronze medal in judo at national level competition organised by School Games Federation of India (S.G.F.I.) on 17th November 2019.

School Games Federation of India is a national level organisation that commits itself to provide quality physical education through healthy competitions among school athletes. Through coaching, training and championships S.G.F.I. tries to build an environment which will empower the future youngsters to become global leaders in the emerging sports world.

Laxmi showed a knack for judo from a very early age. She started learning the sport since three years of age. In school, her teachers on seeing her passion for the sport, helped and encouraged her to compete in different competitions. The exposer and encouragement, along side her talent helped her to win at  district level girl’s judo competition in 2017. She went further to win at Kshetra (state) level and national level competitions organised by Vidya Bharati. 

She got selected for National level SGFI game in 2019 and went on to win the bronze medal, competing against 29 girls from different states of India.

According to Laxmi’s school principal, Shri Krishna Murari Sharma, she is not only an excellent and dedicated sportsperson, but also an outstanding student who has made her teachers and parents proud.

Vidya Bharati wishes Laxmi, all the best for all her future endeavours.

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