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Vidya Bharati teacher from Kerala, Smt. Dhanya P.K talks about the connection between the modern study of Criminology and the ancient science of Yoga

Vidya Bharati teacher from Kerala, Smt. Dhanya P.K talks about the connection between the modern study of Criminology and the ancient science of Yoga


It has been often mentioned that ‘like attracts like and good attracts good.’ A similar scenario can be seen in Vidya Bharati schools, where the wholesome ideals and ideologies of the institution is reflected in its teachers as well. The dedicated teachers of Vidya Bharati schools not only impart the knowledge of moral values, Indian culture and nationalism to the students but follow a similar path in their personal lives as well. 

Belonging to a family of educators, Smt. Dhanya P.K from Kerala is a Vidya Bharati teacher who recognises the importance of Yoga towards proper development of child psychology. Recently she took out time and sat down for an in-depth interview, where she shared her experiences.


Interviewer: Ma’am can you please tell us how you are connected with Vidya Bharati?

Smt. Dhanya P.K: l have been associated with Vidya Bharati as a teacher in a Vidyanikethan school of Kerala state for around four years.


Interviewer: Can you share with us details about your academic and professional background?

Smt. Dhanya P.K: l have done post-graduation in Criminology and Criminal Justice science and qualified for UGC NET in Criminology. l am a member of Indian Criminology and Forensic science  Association (ICFSA).I am also a member of Pathanjali Yoga, Kerala. I have completed my B.Ed. and have a graduation degree in Botany along with a Diploma in computer Application.


Interviewer: Why did you decide to study criminology and criminal justice science?

Smt. Dhanya P.K: I wanted to study Criminology in order to learn about the exact base root causation of crime in one's mind and to know the techniques over reducing crime.  

An alarming fact that reflects throughout the world is that, ‘The more advanced technology is becoming and more educated professionals are emerging, the more crimes and criminal minded people are growing day by day’....Even children and youngsters are stepping down into inhumane criminal activities everywhere.  

As far as criminology is considered, one aspect can be connected with the ancient science of ‘Yoga’. The science of Criminology refers to the state of being criminal can emerge if a child has not gained real ‘vidya’ or wisdom from schools. The emotional elements in ‘chitham’ called ‘Ashtaragas’ still exist in one's mind and eventually would start to grow up that can lead the mind towards criminal activities. 

Meanwhile yoga is a science which makes one be able to control over ‘Ashtaragas’ by earning wisdom and lead the mind towards Dharma and honourable life.


Interviewer: Tell us how important is Yoga in your life? 

Smt. Dhanya P.K: Yoga has highly influenced my life. Yoga is not meant for only ‘asanas’. It is a complete science of ancient Bharat that has the power to change a child into ‘Manusha’ or ‘Viveki" state’ .I got inspired by my father to take up Yoga. I feel privileged to have completed the certified yoga teacher course recently conducted by Patanjali for the first time in Kerala.


Interviewer: Please tell us about your family and where you are located presently. 

Smt. Dhanya P.K: I hail from Kozhikode district in the city Vatakara of Kerela. My father is a retired teacher and he has M.Sc.  Degree in Yoga. He is also connected with Vidyanikethan and teaches Yoga to the teachers. My mother is also a Government school teacher who has retired this year. I have one brother who is a Doctor and currently located in Mumbai.


Interviewer:  Are you associated with any kind of social work? If yes please give details. 

Smt. Dhanya P.K:  I have recently started an online Yoga class for parents, students as well as teachers in order to enlighten them towards NEP and the spirit of Yoga. My aim is to make them realize the importance of life skill development. In future I would like to start up a counselling programme for children especially for girls. I feel that everyone should make an effort to serve their society to the best of their abilities.


Interviewer: How did Vidya Bharati impact your life so far?

 Smt. Dhanya P.K:  Vidyabharathi has had a major impact in my life. It inspired me to broaden my horizons and become self-reliant in every aspect of my life.


Interviewer: Would you like to give any messages to Vidya Bharati and its students? 

Smt. Dhanya P.K:  Vidya Bharati is like an enlightening lamp for our nation, imparting value based education. I would like to take hold of that lamp and try to spread that light to each and every corner of our society. 

I would like to take this opportunity to suggest making criminology as part of yoga itself. Methodical synchronization of both subjects can be implemented in the academic syllabus with regard to NEP. It can only mould and transform a child attaining discriminating power, wisdom and the stability of mind towards refraining over criminal tendencies. Self-reliance is only possible through the light of wisdom. 

As for my message to all students and parents, I would like to motivate them to burn the negative impressions of their minds broaden their horizons. To share and inspire others.


Before ending this conversation I would like thank all dignitaries of Vidya Bharati for recognising me as an ‘alumni ambassador’ .........I am extremely thankful to Vidya Bharati for giving me this opportunity of sharing my story. 


We thank Smt. Dhanya P.K for taking out time and sharing her experiences with the community.



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