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Yogesh Dewangan, Vidya Bharati Alumni, Refuses Job in NASA to Work for ISRO in India

Yogesh Dewangan, Vidya Bharati Alumni, Refuses Job in NASA to Work for ISRO in India

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Shri Yogesh Dewangan is an inspiration for many studying in schools. He grew up in a modest way in Dongargarh, a city in Chhattisgarh. His father and elder brother, both teachers, always inspired him to be sincere in whatever he did in life from a very young age.  This had led him to do great academically and not only make his parents proud, but also his school and the city he belongs to. 

Having passed is 12th examination with a great 91% marks from Sarswati Shishu Mandir Dongargarh in 2014, Yogesh got selected in NIT Raipur and completed his B. Tech in Electronic and Telecommunications. His first job was with the Airport Authority of India and he was stationed at Nagpur. After working here for a year he started working as a junior scientist in Bhabha Atomic Research Center, India's premier nuclear research facility. Presently Yogesh is working as a junior satellite scientist in ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation). 

“I loved to study since when I was child and my teachers in the schools had always been very supportive”, said Yogesh, which certainly helped him to achieve his goals in life.  And so, although he stays in Hyderabad due to his job, whenever he gets time to visit his home town, he makes sure he visits his school too. He mentors students currently studying in his school and tries to pass on the knowledge, culture and morality he gained from his teachers. 

When asked if he would try to move to any other space agencies abroad, Yogesh mentioned, “I got selected in NASA, but I refused the offer as I wanted to stay in India and work for my country”. Such is the education that Vidya Bharati schools impart to students – to put the Nation first. 

Yogesh also has a start-up initiative where he helps organizations with coding. 

While he was in college he and group of his friends started an initiative called Adore India Campaign. Through this initiative they would offer educational help to underprivileged children. “A construction work was going on in my college during that time. We would help the children of the labourers with studies and often buy them books and copies”, adds Yogesh. Even in Hyderabad, Yogesh, along with a few friends, have formed a group to engage with children from various orphan ages.  They take time out to spend time with these kids and help them with their studies. 

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