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Vidya Jyoti Academy, Bijanbari, Sikkim - A beacon of educational excellence since 1990

Vidya Jyoti Academy, Bijanbari, Sikkim - A beacon of educational excellence since 1990


Established in the year 1990, Vidya Jyoti Academy, Bijanbari is one of the well known Vidya Bharati schools, located in Sikkim. Mr  Arun Chettri ji, the principal of the school shared the journey of the school via a short interview.

The school was founded by Dr S. Radhakrishnan Ji with a team of 11 trustee members. Their selfless contribution and able guidance towards the school helped it to grow from one small building with asbestos roof to the present large school building.


The school promotes ‘Balika Sivir’ which encourages girl education. Under the scheme, the school provides tuition classes for seven days to girls from economically backward families, free of cost. Many RSS camps are also held  in the school with the intention of helping all the students of the school.


Vidya Jyoti Academy, Bijanbari has classes from nursery to class 12th in all the streams like Commerce, Science and Arts. Presently, the school consists of more than 500 students, 30 teachers, 6 non-teaching staff and an alumni strength of more than 150. It boasts of modern facilities, a well-equipped library, school buses for students, laboratories, Audio - Visual Aids, Music room and much more. The school is affiliated to CBSE board. 


The music room consists of 44 instruments. They also have ‘Smart Classrooms’, which enable the students to get a more interactive and hands on education. The school has Science Labs, Computer Labs and Yoga rooms too. International Yoga Day is an important event that is celebrated by the school, where both students and teachers participate with equal enthusiasm. To ensure the security of the students, the school is surrounded by 16 CCTV cameras.


Like all Vidya Bharati schools, sports and extracurricular activities are considered as an essential part of education and the students are encouraged to take part in different competitions. In the field of sports the students have received success in Running, KhoKho, Wrestling, Martial Arts, Judo and Kabaddi events.


Vidya Bharati schools have always laid great emphasis on social service and Vidya Jyoti Academy, Bijanbari takes this tradition forward. The school is associated with several social services and considers it as a fundamental part of personality development among the students. It gives the students an exposure to social work, which in turn develops the sense of social responsibility and empathy among them. Along with social service, students are also encouraged to participate in multiple extracurricular activities and competitions.




The school is run by a central School Managing Committee (SMC) which looks after the day to day activities of the school. Every 3 years the committee is reelected through a voting system.


Vidya Jyoti Academy, Bijanbari, is one of the most esteemed institutions running under Vidya Bharati and is considered as an ‘Adarsh Vidyalaya’. The school’s steadfast and unflagging, passion towards excellence in all aspects, is truly praiseworthy. 

If you are interested to help in the nation building process and donate for development of Vidya Bharati schools, you can email us at info@vidyabharatialumni.org or donate online at: https://www.vidyabharatialumni.org/donation