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Yogesh Sharma - The Coveted Journalist of Mungeli, Chhattisgarh

Yogesh Sharma - The Coveted Journalist of Mungeli, Chhattisgarh


For years, Indian journalists have used their work to bring forth wrongdoing, illegal practices and corruption, often sparking public outcry and reform.  And this entire family of journalists, undoubtedly, serves as inspiring reminders of why journalism is immensely valuable — in what it can do for ordinary folks and for society.

Yogesh Sharma is serving Mungeli as a journalist since 2002. “It is been almost two decades now that I have been in this profession”, shares Yogesh who is presently the Beuro Chief of Navbharat Press, Mungeli.

Yogesh Sharma - The Coveted Journalist of Mungeli, Chhattisgarh

Like every other journalist, life had not always been easy for Yogesh. He had to take those extra miles whenever needed to reach out to people, listen to their distress and understand the root cause. “It is not just collecting information and writing down a story. Journalism is more than just that. Once an article is published it creates mass opinion. So we need to understand the real issue before to write and publish something on the newspaper”, mentioned Yogesh.

Yogesh is an alumnus of Saraswati Shishu Mandir, Mungeli. He completed his graduation in humanities from S.N.G. College, Mungeli (Bilaspur). He then went on to do a one year course in Journalism and Mass Communication from Guru Ghasidas University Bilaspur. After completing his specialized course, Yogesh joined Navbharat as a junior journalist. Since then he has covered numerous stories on social development, crimes, sports, politics and various other topics on the newspaper.

Due to his commendable work and marvelous PR skills he was elected as the Secretary of Mungeli Press Club in 2009, which he still serves. “We look after the wellbeing of journalists and also take up several issues faced by them while covering stories through the press club”, Yogesh mentioned.

Yogesh credits his father, who is also a journalist, and his school to have shaped his life. “I got the gift of writing well in Hindi from my school and the eye of a journalist from my father”, shared Yogesh. He further adds, “We work closely with the community and as a journalist I feel it is my duty to bring into the light the various problems that people are facing so that the Government can offer the right solution”.

News story on Bharat Mata Mandir built in Mungeli Sishu Mandir School

Yogesh has been recognized by several organizations for his work. One of the stories which Yogesh covered is about the second Bharat Mata Mandir in India which is being built in Mungeli Sishu Mandir School. Although he coveres all types of stories, but he derives the highest satisfaction when he writes about his school or about a social development of Mungeli.