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Vidya Bharati Alumni, Dr. Ashish Kumar Sharma speaks on the importance of Ayurveda

Vidya Bharati Alumni, Dr. Ashish Kumar Sharma speaks on the importance of Ayurveda


With the recent impetus from the Indian Government, the ancient science of Ayurveda is slowly regaining its popularity. The considerable number of doctors working as ayurvedic medical officers across our country has been applauded for their dedicated service during the present difficult times when our nation is reeling under the Covid 19 pandemic.  

Dr. Ashish Kumar Sharma, Vidya Bharati alumni Saraswati Shishu Mandir/Higher Secondary School, Waidhan  is one such individual who has been working tirelessly in order to bring relief during these trying times. A short excerpt of the conversation with Dr. Sharma has been given below.

Interviewer: Please tell us about your academic and professional background.

Dr. Sharma: After completing my schooling from Saraswati Shishu Mandir/Higher Secondary School, Waidhan, Madhya Pradesh, I started preparing for competitive examinations and got admitted in Government Ayurvedic College and Hospital. I completed my B.A.M.S degree in 2005 and then spent one year practicing as a house physician in the same hospital. After that for a while I did private practice and started preparing for higher studies.  I was able to successfully pass the examination held by National Academy of Ayurveda and was placed in Triveni Nursing Home in Thiruvananthapuram for further completion of further studies. In 2009, I joined as a trainee under Patanjali, Haridwar and later appointed as a physician in ‘Patanjali Chikitsalaya’ in Sumerpur, Rajasthan. I worked there for 1 year and then later sat  for Chhattisgarh Public Service Commission. 

Presently I have been working as an Ayurvedic Medical Officer and posted in Biharpur, Chattisgarh.

Interviewer: Why did you choose Ayurveda as your subject of study?

Dr. Sharma: Since I was in the 11th standard, I had wanted to go into the medical field. I always had a deep interest in Ayurveda and Yoga, which had developed due to the atmosphere in our school. 

Interviewer: What suggestion would you give to students who are interested to pursue a career in this field?

Dr. Sharma:  A lot of new avenues have opened up in this field in recent years. Ayurveda is gaining popularity not only in our country but abroad as well. One can opt to go into teaching as professors, researchers or set up private practice or under the Indian government. The possibilities are limitless. If one is dedicated, he or she can have a good career.

Interviewer: Being a doctor your service has been essential during the present Covid Situation. How have been you experience so far?

Dr. Sharma: I feel the people have responded quite well. During this period we are organising frequent awareness camps as well as visiting homes to provide free medicines. Along with providing curative care we are also making people aware of how to increase their body immunity and maintain a good health overall so that even if one is infected, they have a higher chance to beat the virus successfully.  With many of our daily food and spices , along with regular yoga and meditation one can maintain a good mental and physical health.

There have been relatively less incidences of infection in our area, and we are confident that our present method is working quite effectively.

Interviewer: How was your experience while studying under Vidya Bharati school?

Dr. Sharma: The education system under Vidya Bharati is quite different from other run of the mill educational institutions. Here all we were provided with an all round education and not merely academics.  Moral values, Indian culture, Yoga and other extra curricular activities were given equal importance. All of us were encouraged to participate at a variety of competitions, which helped to grow our confidence and understanding.

Few may feel that they are at a disadvantage if they are studying in Vernacular language, I feel that it’s not a hindrance at all. If I take my own brother as an example who is also a Vidya Bharati alumni, doing his schooling in vernacular language, he was selected in NIT Rourkela and presently working as marketing Manager in Dubai.

So I feel that if one has a good educational base as provided by Vidya Bharati school, one can easily overcome any challenges.

Vidya Bharati Purv Chatra Parishad thanks Dr. Ashish Kumar Sharma for taking out time to share his thoughts with the community.


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